You may be filled with longing
but take heart, seeker,
this longing guides you
and the wind is at your back

You may grow weary
but take heart, seeker,
your destination
could not be closer

You may feel lost
but take heart, seeker,
you could never go
where this is not

You may feel doubt
but take heart, seeker,
doubt is for believers,
trust only your experience

Your mind may be confused
but take heart, seeker,
your mind cannot know
what your heart has never forgotten

You will never be free
but take heart, seeker,
freedom is not for the seeker
but for the One who is sought

Take heart, dear seeker,
for you are that One.

“Walter’s poems are one of the most joyous ways I know to give myself a loving pointer. The title of this book, Take Heart, Seeker, is perfect, because Walter writes from a place where the nondual understanding meets a deep, heart-centered empathy. These enjoyable poems gently help loosen up the old ways and invite peace. Put them in your pocket for the journey home.”

Lori Michael, Atlanta, 08/2021

“I can’t wait to read Walter’s poems.”

Magdi Badawy, Temecula, 11/2021

“Every few days over the course of a handful of months, with rarely a week slipping by, absent a poem posting on What noticed with anticipation, a thirst arising by its quenching, a hunger revealed by satiating fullness, a disclosing, reposing, seeing reflection? All and always in less than a minute’s time!

‘Take Heart, Seeker’ is a befitting double entendre title for this collection of pointing poetics. First, encouraging with solace and support, the pilgrim’s illusory journey on the path to no-where called Home; and second, by instruction and direction, to the absence of presence always – already here and known as Heart for the taking.

These little Ones, this plurality of sights’ lights each illuminating what retrospect knew but remained unseen, once re-cognized is ever alone no more. It’s not my friend Walter (the Canadian C.O.P.) that’s to be found within here – it’s you dear One, that’s perfectly clear, ever emerging out of nowhere, that’s now-here. And yet, gratitude too, for Walter’s knowing willful absence.”

Allen Wagner, Berkley, 08/2021

Artworks in the book “Take Heart Seeker” by, Rishikesh.